Check if your spouse is on Ashley Madison

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Johannesburg – People wanting to know whether their partners are on infidelity website Ashley Madison may now have a chance to do so thanks to several online tools springing up.

Hackers have hit cheating website Ashley Madison by dumping a big cache of data containing millions of email addresses.

A group dubbed the ‘Impact Team’ has claimed responsibility for the breach. However, it’s unclear at this stage whether the data dump is fully legitimate.

But Toronto-based Avid Life Media, which owns Ashley Madison, has confirmed to Reuters that some of the leaked data is real.

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The company did say, though, that no credit card data has been exposed in the breach.

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Ashley Madison is said to have 40 million users worldwide while in South Africa there are an estimated 175 000 users of the website, according to reports.

So, how do you check if your spouse could be using the cheating website? Well, there are now several online tools that claim to scrape the Ashley Madison data dump, according to a Wiredarticle.

Users should be cautious when using these sites, though, as all the data has yet to be fully verified.

These sites only require an email address of yourself or your partner.

– Internet investigation website Trustify has its tool here

– And this site has also been specifically made for the Ashley Madison breach:

Have you been hit by the Ashley Madison hack? Have you also tried these online tools? Let us know by clicking here. – News24