#Thisflag revolution spills into parliament :Opposition MP slams parly speaker

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MDC-T chief whip Innocent Gonese has accused National Assembly Speaker Jacob Mudenda  of ‘double standards’ for allowing Zanu PF  Members of Parliament (MPs) to wear pins with a Zimbabwean flag on their jackets  and at the same time ordering two opposition MPs who have put the national flag around their necks  in the august house to take them down.

Hon. Murai and Hon. Sithole had put the Zimbabwean flag around their necks in solidarity with the #Thisflag campaign .

 On a point of order. My point of order is that there are two Honourable Members on the opposite side who have put the national flag around their necks. Is this what is now permitted in this House to wear flags around the necks and shoulders or they are trying to belittle this country”, asked Hon Ziyambi

Jacob Mudenda then responded by asking Honourable Members to take off the flag.

“This is a Zimbabwean flag, just put it down. Just place it down. I said place the Zimbabwean flag down. We have to treat it with some respect”, he said.

Gonese then replied , ” On a point of privilege. I notice there are some Honourable Members who are also wearing their flags. I notice Honourable Langa has a pin with a Zimbabwean flag and there is an Honourable Member over there, he has a pin that has a Zimbabwean flag. Where is the difference because they are also flags? What is the difference between those on this side and those on the other side? Where is the difference with those wearing flags over their shoulders and those with flags on their jackets? Could you just explain to me where the difference is?”

Hon Murai and Hon. Sithole left the Chamber with Zimbabwean flags around their necks.

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