Live Video Of Bisexual Socialites From Zimbabwe Elicit Heated Debate On Social Media

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A Facebook video of two Zimbabweans socialites has caused a stir in Zimbabwe social media circles. The two women identified as Chiedza and “Cookie” went live on Facebook where they were apparently teasing each other. The video was being watched by over 400 people many of whom clicked the love button at the instigation of Cookie.

Chiedza who was wearing just a night gown and in the company of a man she called her husband openly teased Cookie by showing her breast on the live feed. Cookie returned the gesture and did the same too while Chiedza’s partner watched.

What has dominated the discussions amongst Zimbabweans has been how this runs tangential to the conservative culture within Zimbabwe.

“Nyika yaenda kumawere vakomana, munhu kushama pamberi pevanhu zvaisaitika izvi (The world is coming to an end. Getting naked in front of people used to be taboo)”, commented one Xavier Mutonongo in one of the Whatsapp group that the video was shared.

Others especially those in the Diaspora have argued that the exposure of most Zimbabweans to the Western culture has left them in an identity quandary as they do not seem to figure out which culture to follow. The ladies were seemingly excited that they do not have to cook as their husbands do that for them, something that Zimbabwean men residing in the country are known not to do.

“Look at that one, she calls her self a gangster while eating sadza in the nude, igangster rekupi?” Quizzed Magura Chikara

Zimbabwe government is known to be hostile to lesbian and gay people very few people have openly come out as such for fear of reprisal. Of late however a number of Zimbabweans living outside the country have been openly coming on mediums like Facebook and Twitter.