Apostle Chiwenga’s Whereabouts Still Unknown After Violence

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Outspoken preacher Apostle Chiwenga’s whereabouts remain hazy following the violent incidence at his street church gathering yesterday. Reports have suggested that Chiwenga was caught in a crossfire yesterday when police were chasing vendors, however those who were there indicate that the events were choreographed to disrupt the service and send a chilling warning to Chiwenga.

This publication then made a phone call to the preacher which was then answered by another gentleman who identified himself as Pastor Matare.  Matare said police had disrupted the service, smashed the cameras and a car. They dragged the pastor whom they released later.

On being quizzed, why the phone was diverted to his number, Mr Matare said he had no idea why. When asked where the preacher was, Mr Matare said he was safe but he did not know where he was. He then abruptly dropped the call. Subsequent calls went unanswered.

The preacher has not been seen today and his Facebook page has not been updated. He has not featured for his weekend service in First Street today. this has raised suspicion that he might still be in danger.

Chiwenga is known for his hard-hitting sermons and prophetic messages that have been extremely critical of the current Mnangagwa administration. A few days ago he said he had be shown a vision of two coffins following each other to the grave. This has been widely interpreted as impending deaths of high level officials in ZANU PF.