Updates: Amos Midzi’s death

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FORMER Zanu PF Harare provincial chairman, Amos Midzi was on Tuesday morning found dead in a suspected case of suicide.

The Epworth legislator was found in his vehicle at his farm in Marirangwe near Harare. NewsDay is now at Munandi farm to bring you live updates of what is taking place.

Updates and Pictures By Moses Matenga and Cynthia Matonhodze

Compiled by John Mokwetsi

Our journalists report that the police have since barricaded the area where Midzi’s body was found in a car.

The barricaded area indicates where Midzi's body was found.

1:18 pm: Mourners gathered at 857 Nursery Road. Mount Pleasant.

1:14 pm: Chris Chigumba arrives. Stanley says the blue pills found in the car were purchased on the 29th of May.

1:13 pm: Midzi’s body was found at the backseat with his legs stretched in-between the front seats where gear lever is positioned.

12: 49 pm: Small blue pills found in the car

12: 45 pm: NEWS FLASH. Car keys found under the mat in the car. Also found was $282. The notes were in different pockets.

12:41 pm: Stanley complaining about the presence of journalists

12: 39 pm: Relatives have now been allowed to see him. Body finally moved from the car he was found in into the coffin.


Amos Midzi’s body taken away from scene

12:37 pm: Wife complaining that the media is being allowed to film the body before she has seen it.

12:35 pm: Midzi wife claim to not have seen the body.


12: 31 pm: Our reporter Moses Matenga said the police are now moving his body from the car which was situated in a bushy part of the farm. A police truck has been made available to collect the body. There was no road leading to where the car was found.


12: 30 pm: The brother has finally been allowed to enter the barricaded area.

12:28 pm: The vehicle in which Amos Midzi was found was locked. Police could not find the keys on the scene. They broke the door to get to his body.

12:26 pm: Stanley Midzi said: “The family has lost a pillar. I will leave it to the Zanu PF Harare province who worked with him to speak more on how they related together.”

12:19 pm: Amos Midzi brother, Stanley tells the NewsDay exclusively that he has not been allowed to view the body before it was moved. NEWSDAY

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