VP Mnangagwa’s Replacement to Be Elected This Month

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Dr Grace Mugabe hopes a decision is made this month on who will replace the underfire Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Grace told a Presidential youth interface gathering in Zimbabwe’s second largest city, Bulawayo Saturday afternoon that ZANU PF party’s constitution will be amended this November ahead of the extra-ordinary congress in December.

She said  the Women’s League will also meet this month to choose a candidate. “Vamwe ndovanoti VaMugabe vanoda kuisa mudzimai wavo pahuVice President. Hanzi hee dynasty, dynasty, isu semadzimai tinosarudza watinoda. Even ndikapinda zvakaipei, kohanditi ndiri nhengo yemusangano just like anyone else.”

Whoever is chosen from the women’s wing will replace Mnangagwa. She says VP Mnangagwa is dividing the party through leading a faction

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