Harare – Zimbabwe’s infamous potholed roads now have their own Twitter account.

The account, @Zimpotholes is not too popular yet. It has 58 followers after it was only started this weekend.

Heavy rains in the past two weeks have worsened potholes in some parts of the country. This weekend a video was uploaded to YouTube showing a bus stuck in a big pothole in Mbare, Harare’s oldest township.

Watch the video below.

Harare’s potholed streets were declared a state of disaster by President Robert Mugabe’s government late in January. The road leading to Mugabe’s private mansion was repaired quickly before he arrived home from a month’s holiday, leading to accusations of unfairness.

Those managing the @Zimpotholes handle encourage Zimbabweans to “send or tweet us pictures of potholes in your area”.

Pictures of some of the southern African country’s scarred and blistered roads will be familiar to many – even if there’s no confirmation that these photos were recently snapped.

Beware though: elsewhere on the web pictures are sometimes circulated of alleged Zimbabwe potholes that turn out not to have been taken in this country.