Wildlife Poaching Rises In Southern Africa

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THE Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks) says it remains on high alert amid growing fears of increased poaching in Southern Africa.
Health care workers and scientists have emerged as the new heroes in the global fight against COVID-19 with more and more solidarity messages continuing to pour in. As the world salutes the frontline workers, there are some unsung heroes who are currently on the frontline protecting wildlife.
CAMPFIRE Director Mr Charles Jonga said it is encouraging that conservation heroes continue to protect the country’s wildlife at a time when the threat of increased poaching activities is more evident.
“I think it is time that as a country we have to salute the efforts that these young men and women are having to put into conservation at a time there is no clarity as to when this pandemic will be over and the extent to which we can continue to hold as a country,” he said.
Zimparks Public Relations Manager Mr Tinashe Farawo said the authority has intensified its anti-poaching activities to ensure that the country’s wildlife is safe from poachers.
“Whilst everyone is celebrating the healthcare workers who are dealing with COVID-19, we also have conservation heroes in the bush who are patrolling and doing a lot of anti-poaching activities looking after the country’s most treasured assets which are wildlife,” he said.
Travel restrictions and cancellation of bookings due to COVID-19 have created new challenges in the protection of Southern Africa’s wildlife. There are fears that socio-economic pressures due to the lockdown may push communities co-existing with wildlife into poaching.
As the country observes the International workers’ Day, observers say there is need to salute the brave men and women who are always in the bush to protect the country’s wildlife. -zbc


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