Zimbabwe Police under fire after foreign national dies in holding cells

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A Malawian family has come out guns blazing accusing police of what they term ‘police brutality’ following the death of their relative in holding cell.Robert Bisiwasi Madeya ,43,reportedly did in police cells ,allegedly due to assault in Nyamapanda after a burst up with border police.

Madeya was reportedly part of Cozza Coaches crew travelling from South Africa heading to Blantyre(Malawi).It is said their bus had a defect that they were fined $20 by the police but they did not have the money saying their Zimbabwean agent was to settle the bill.

Claims are that cops held Madeya over the fine and handcuffed him despite his word that the fine was to be settled.It is alleged that the cops went on to assault the now deceased resulting in his death.

“He was a member of the bus crew travelling from South Africa going to Malawi when they were stopped by the police.The police wanted $20 as fine for the bus defect and they highlighted to them that their Zimbabwean Agent was to pay the fine.

“They (bus crew) cooperated with the police but they went on to handcuff him.He questioned their motive of handcuffing him but they wet on to assault him.He died in handcuffs and leg irons,”The deceased ‘s brother Gregory said.

National police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said they were yet to receive the report.

The family said they were not happy with the way the cops have treated he matter saying they suspect foul play in the way the post-mortem was conducted.The post mortem says he died of cardiac arrest but it was evident to everyone that they assaulted him in handcuffs and leg irons.

“They took his body from Mutoko mortuary without any of us and conducted the post-mortem here in Harare and they gave us such results,” he said.

They further registered their displeasure of being made to foot the bill caused by the police.

The deceased ‘s family is still working on a way forward as of going to print.

Source-H metro