US Ambassador Meets Dzamara family

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I first got to know about Ambassador Harry Thomas through a statement he made about my missing brother Itai Dzamara in December 2015.HarryDZAMARA

In his swearing in statement in his homeland, the US Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Harry Thomas Jr said something that made me instantly conclude that there was something special about him.

“We will invite the entire scope of Zimbabwean polity to our home and expect that one day soon we will dine with disappeared human rights activist Itai Dzamara,” Ambassador Thomas said in his swearing-in speech.

Ever since the heinous abduction of Itai Dzamara by what we have established to be State Security Agents (Military Intelligence), Zimbabwe’s government has not engaged the Dzamara family neither has it issued any satisfactory statement regarding Itai’s missing.

Just last week, I petitioned the President for the second time over Itai’s missing. Mr. Mugabe and his government have virtually decided to ignore the obligation they carry to account for this country’s citizens.

With that as a backdrop, Ambassador Thomas’s continued raising of Itai’s issue is commendable. He projected the love and care Mr. Mugabe and his minions have failed to project for the people they purportedly lead.

Today I met Ambassador Thomas for the first time and I expressed gratitude on behalf of my family and many other progressive Zimbabweans for his staunch advocacy around Itai’s issue.

Before he even met any of my family members, he stood with us and gave us hope. Before the commencement of his assignment as US Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Ambassador Thomas Jr. augmented our hope to meet Itai Dzamara one day. The world needs more people like him.- Patson Dzamara