Robert Mugabe blames Mandela for ‘giving whites in SA so much power’

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The not-so-democratically elected president of Zimbabwe used the funeral of two Zanu-PF veterans to attack Madiba and protect his wife. You know, because Robert Mugabe is just that classy.

Large crowds had assembled to pay tribute to two long-serving politicians on Saturday afternoon, but Bob soon shifted the attention onto himself, and caused a stir with some potentially divisive comments about race in South Africa.

Passing on an alleged conversation he had with an ANC member, he revealed the details of what was shared between them.

What did Robert Mugabe say about Mandela?

“I asked one ANC Minister how come the whites have been left with so much power, and he said it was because of your friend Mandela. That was an ANC Minister who was saying that… “

Mugabe repeated what the member had told him, and seemed satisfied that Nelson Mandela could be held responsible for the perceived inequality on South Africa. At its best, the concept is utterly laughable.

Forgetting the occasion, and potentially what day it was, Zimbabwe’s leader also addressed the issue of Grace Mugabe and the accusations of assault she’s facing after pummelling a young Joburg model with a plug.

Not wanting himself, his wife or even his children to take responsibility for anything, he came up with this incoherent gem to defend his family:

Our kids…oh no, our kids! They go to these parties of theirs with girls. We want to redirect our youth.

Is race a factor in the Grace Mugabe case?

Grace Mugabe is said to have assaulted Gabrielle Engels when she went to visit her two sons. When she saw them partying and not studying, she was allegedly overcome with rage and attacked Engels, blaming her for leading the boys astray.

Mugabe’s comments on Madiba seem to be an attack on those who rightly feel Grace should face some retribution for her actions. His ‘whites have the power’ narrative is wildly off-the-mark with what his wife is accused of.