#JuliusMalemaChallenge : Zimbabweans Go Crazy On The Internet

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The #JuliusMalemaChallenge has been trending on Twitter ever since firebrand South African politician, Julius Malema made an impassioned speech in which he called out all the people he felt were shading crocodile tears for the late liberation war icon Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.


Zimbabweans also took up the challenge and here are some of the more interesting tweets:

Alex T Magaisa ??@Wamagaisa

Even those who say they are fighting corruption mama, they are awarding their spouses huge government contracts and grabbing more land, mama. They are here too, claiming to be democrats. Tell us how we should treat them in July mama, Give us a signal

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Fadzayi Mahere@advocatemahere

Mama, they tell us there is no money for ambulances or public buses then they do this to us, mama. What shall we do to them? Give us a sign, mama.

Patson Dzamara@PatsonDzamara

Even those who abducted Itai Dzamara are here mama. In fact, they are now regarded as heroes. They are even trumpeting their voices saying they are looking for him and yet they are the ones who took him. Give us a signal mama.

lynnesibbs ????????@lynnmudonhi

Mama even those who battered or still are battering women are here forcing us to vote for those who have been battering us for the past 38yrs,they have means of spinning propaganda we need you mama , please come through for us -buya??

Whitlaw T Mugwiji@jjwhitlaw

Mama, this pays pensioners $50/month, or $600/year, or $6000/decade, yet the very same gvt wants to pay $7000 for performing two hours. What should we do with this thieving gvt, give us a signal mama

Lovejoy L-Jay Mtongwiza@LJaymut10

Mama, he said he was targeting criminals around the former president, but mama the new president also has criminals around him, give us a signal on how to deal with them mama

Tich Ray@TichRay

Even those who stay in the diaspora, far away from Zanu PF mess, are here Mama telling us to vote for Zanu PF. How do we deal with them? Give us the signal Mama.

Malvin Goredema@mwanakomana01

Mama even those whose husbands sold us a Sim card for $100 back in ’08 in the middle of a Cholera outbreak and still call us ‘lazy’, are lavishing in your Country mama, Give us a signal mama. Oh geez they control the signal too??what shall we do mama??

Linda T. Masarira@lilomatic

Mama those who who stole the elections in 2008 and executed a coup in 2017 are running this country and they want us to believe that they can preside over a free, fair &credible election. Give us a signal on how to deal with them mama.


Some of those who were looting during the Mugabe era are here mama.Give us a signal on how to deal with them


Mama, even those that usurped power chitunha chichiri mumba, violating their own constitution in a vicious pursuit of power are here with us mama.

What do we do with them, give us a signal ?

Kudzai M.Mubaiwa ??@kumub

Even those who’ve been in Council all along,not collecting refuse,giving their family & friends jobs at City Parking,funding personal interests via Sunshine Holdings,they are here Mama,wanting another term from residents,we see your signal to go independent

Hattori Hanzo@KK_Simbarashe

Even those who call us lazy for being poor yet they give us Twitter without pictures and Whatsapp bundles that expire in 3 days are here Mama. Give us a sign Mama


Those who have ghost account They’re here mama, please give us a sign on how we should deal with them ??

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Makomborero Haruzivishe@MakomboreroH

Even people who parrot the new dispensation mantra but perpetuate the plunder, corruption and nepotism of Robert and Grace Mugabe are here.
Give us a sign mama

Plaedian Mnangagwa ??@pmnangagwa

They are here MAMA those that stopped our [late]Morgan Tsvangirai from becoming our PRESIDENT in 2008 & later poisoned him to death?, they asking for our vote…..

Please Give me a sign mama

Gomo Dubi@GomoDubi

Mama, the murderers of Tonderai Ndira are here with us. They now project themselves as modern day democrats who are white than snow. Show us the signal

Cde Never Maswerasei ??@CdeNMaswerasei

IM SORRY MAMA as I write2my Dear President @edmnangagwa: Even those who think they can continue2illegaly annex farms in 2018 including ARDA seed farms simply becoz they removed Mugabe are here mama. Please give us a signal of what we should do with them!?

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Khupe for Presidency@Team_Khupe

Mama, even those who got into power like ordinary thieves and persecuted you are now masquerading as men of God. We see them Mama, give us a signal how we should deal with them.

Raymond Majongwe@RMajongwe

Mama the CIOs who tortured us and even electrocuted our genitalia are still around Mama we are waiting for a signal. .We see them everyday pretending they did us no wrong. WE KNOW THEM MAMA.@Julius_S_Malema @ali_naka @i_sibanda