Chinese firm caught making fake condoms for Kenya

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The demand for goods of reputable or status-oriented brands has always been high, if not always growing. This is what makes the goods vulnerable to being counterfeited. It seems that condoms are not exempt from this

Fake condoms Kenya

Police in Shanghai on Tuesday uncovered a manufacturing workshop making bogus Durex condoms which were to be sent to Kenya, reported Kenya Today.

The fake condoms were reportedly sold online under well-known brands like Durex and Jissbon to Kenyan hotels.

About 3 million condoms which were being sold at $0,05 each are reported to have been confiscated.

In addition to being of an inferior quality, the condoms are said to contain an offensive smell, according to Chinese police.

While we may be accustomed to seeing rip-offs of popular labels being sold on street corners and in some shops, condoms are obviously are different matter. This ought to be seen as a crime against humanity!