Obamamania sweeps Kenya

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NAIROBI – Obama’s visit to his father’s homeland might be a short one, but Kenyan entrepreneurs are hoping that it will have long lasting benefits on the country’s economic development.news_b1obama-west-point

Preparations have been in full swing for weeks, with Nairobi abuzz with excitement and anticipation.

The U.S. president will travel to the Kenyan capital later this week to address the sixth Global Entrepreneurship Summit. The immediate consequences of the visit will be clearly felt in the city, with airways and roads gearing up for a complete lockdown.

Many will undoubtedly flock to Nairobi for the event, but some might actually want to get away from the chaos.

One travel agency has playfully capitalized on this, offering an escape route to those who’d rather dwell in calmer pastures.

“Nairobi is going crazy as we wait for POTUS to come — It’s a big deal for our country but this comes with a lot of uncertainty around traffic jams, communication, security and all these funny looking helicopters we are seeing,” Agosta Liko, CEO of Pesapal/Ticketsasa, told CNN.

“That’s why we thought of #Obamigration, to offer easy ‘Get out of Town’ weekend escapes.”

The catchy idea seems to be paying off: “We are having a record month because of the #Obamigration Campaign. Kenya offers a lot for travelers no matter the budget, time and country of origin. President Obama’s visit will make it easier for our tourism industry to continue growing.”

The hashtag, which first appeared last year when Obama unveiled new immigration policies, is not the only one currently re-purposed for the historic trip: the preparations in Nairobi are, in fact, being hailed as a new #Obamacare.