Prophet Angel Demonstrates the Glorious Power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

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by TZN Correspondent

 Never has the power of God been demonstrated in this fashion in Jalandhar or indeed in the Punjab, India. As if the conversion of over 7000, Sikhs and Hindus to Christianity on the first day of the Fire and Prophecy Conference was not enough, a myriad range of miracles were demonstrated to the bewilderment of the bumper crowds that have characterised this conference.

Prophet Angel

Prophet Angel


Prophet Angel

Prophet Angel

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Prophet Angel

Prophet Angel


Notwithstanding the impeccable way in which the Good News was preached by Prophet Angel the demonstration of the power was so magnificent, it moved hundreds to an acceptance of Jesus Christ.

As the Bible states in 1 Corinthians 4:20 “For the Kingdom of God is not in word, but power.”

And true to that word, power was demonstrated, the people of India witnessed.

There was a moment when Prophet Angel asked people who are not Christians particularly those who did not believe in Jesus Christ to stand up. He then said

“Let’s make a deal. If I tell you the secrets of your heart and things that are only secretive to you then you have to receive Jesus as your saviour and save him only.”

He did not stop there, Prophet Angel went on to declare that once you accept the Lord Jesus Christ,

“Any disease you have will be healed”

All those who had stood up pretty much were confident that he would not know anything about them all said, you will not know anything about me but if your Jesus tells you any of my deep secrets, then I will know for sure that this Jesus Christ you are talking about is indeed God.

Never has Jalandhar seen such demonstration of power, Prophet Angel went on to reveal and he delved deep into the prophetic revealing diseases they had, children they had and the names of each of the children and he detailed their job descriptions.

To some he even gave names of other children they had and their locations and others even went to say what was in their pockets and then miracle money started appearing.

Prophet Uebert Angel preached and demonstrated the glorious power of the of the gospel of Jesus Christ with miracles signs and wonders.  Day 2 of the 3 day The Fire Prophesy Conference ended with even those who did not believe prior all shouting Jesus, Jesus I now Believe Jesus.