Yes it’s me! Davies Mugadza finally admits to being Dr Zobha

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Popular DJ Davies Mugadza who many thought to be Dr Zobha on radio has for the first time admitted to being the masked character after years in denial.

Despite being unmasked on several occasions Davies would vehemently deny his role as Dr Zobha even at national galas where he guested as an emcee.

Dr Zobha used to provide great entertainment and news bits on Power FM through his witty humour on several subjects be it politics, social, economic as well as sports.

In an old picture posted Monday on his official Facebook page as Dr Zobha, Davies captioned it: “Hired a band for self-entertainment kwa gumbonzvanda . . . as you can see I am practicing social distancing as stipulated by government,” he wrote.

He later posted another picture with Dr Zobha imposter trying to hoodwink the gullible followers.

One follower Kingmaker John asked: “After all these years of speculations, it is you CMD?”

And Davies Mugadza replied: “Yes it’s me.”

Another follower Godfrey Kamwaza also asked: “One question Davies, are you putting on a face mask (for covid) on top of the usual mask?”

Cydney Cydney simply wrote: “Ini I am still thinking if I should say something.”

Prosper Kasango asked: “Davies, Are u Dr Zobha?”

Davies is now station manager with Nyami Nyami FM in Kariba.

Davies Mugadza reposted this file picture together with Dr Zobha imposter to confuse the gullible.-gemnation

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