Zanu PF apologist Tafadzwa Musarara refuses to pay child maintenance, demands paternity test

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By TZN Correspondent

ZANU (PF) apologist and Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe chairperson, Tafadzwa Musarara is embroiled in a nasty  legal battle with Cynthia Wozhele  the mother of his daughter Tererai over maintenance, demanding that a paternity test is carried out.

Musarara 42,  married with 5 children with current wife , is alleged to have beaten and violently forced  Cynthia into  sexual relations resulting in a pregnancy and gave birth to Tererai Musarara.

Tafadzwa Musarara’s wife, and oldest son Tafadzwa Junior (18)

Tafadzwa Musarara’s wife, and oldest son Tafadzwa Junior (18)

On 8 December 2014 where it was confirmed that Cynthia was pregnant , Tafadzwa accompanied her to the doctor.He agreed to secure to a birth certificate for the minor , an acknowledgement of being the father.

Tererai  was born on 12 August 2015.

However , Cynthia dismissed media claims that Musarara never helped in the upkeep of the child.Although he is yet to see the girl he bought preparation for her.

Musarara  only sent a total of $360 through his employees between August and November 2015.This proved insufficient resulting in Cynthia approaching the civil court on a second hearing, which subsequently  ordered  Tafadzwa to pay child maintenance.

On  first attempt magistrate Gamuchirai Siwardi  refused to grant  maintenance  order  citing that Tafadzwa says he’s not Tererai’s dad.

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The magistrate ordered a  paternity test  for 8 April 2016.

Tafadzwa did not comply with the order . His lawyer Stead Kachere  kept on giving  excuses until  Cynthia decided to go back to court on June 6.

Tafadzwa’s and Cynthia’s feud kicked off with the businessman accusing her of soiling his name and vowed to fix her therefore employing delaying tactics using the courts to frustrate Cynthia.

Musarara victim

Musarara’s victim

According to  documents obtained by , unimpressed Musarara refused to comply with the order saying he is not the father of the child.

He also added that he does not know how Cynthia obtained the minor’s birth certificate.On 30 June , Musarara took his case to the High Court challenging both Cynthia and Harare Magistrate Mrs Dudza who presided over the initial judgement where a  request for Interim maintenance pending DNA test was granted.WhatsApp-Image-20160705-3


Tafadzwa Musarara  a business ally of ICT Minister Supa Mandiwanzira, was recently exposed  as a sexual predator who prowls on young high school teenage girls, impregnating them in the process, then proceeding to deny paternity, refuse to pay for child support and use his financial and political muscle to outwit the courts, according to Southern Daily.


Musarara impregnated and physically abused Loice Rutendo Taremeredzwa who was 19  giving  birth to a  boy Zachary Tapiwa , and was named after Tafadzwa’s younger brother Tapiwa Musarara.


Rutendo                                           Tapiwa  (Pictured ) with his mother Loice (Photo credit: Facebook)

Sources close to Musarara say he is currently  dating another young girl only identified as Kuda (19), who resides in Mt Pleasant, Harare.Kuda’s parents are based in the UK .

Tafadzwa Musarara's 19 year old girlfriend Kuda

Tafadzwa Musarara’s 19 year old girlfriend Kuda

She stays with her older sister  and a maid.Worried neighbours who spoke to this publication said  sometimes Tafadzwa sleeps there.



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