Fear of the Worst Case Scenario Looms For Widow Whose 2 Week Ultimatum to Leave Farm By Top Mugabe Man Ends

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  • A senior Zanu PF Minister (name withheld) who was once implicated in a farm take over in Masvingo province  told this publication last year that the remaining white farmers pay protection fees to remain on their farms .
  • Dr Mombeshora has cleared the air on the controversial allocation of a farm on the outskirts of Masvingo city to  Ezra Chadzamira saying his decision was aboveboard.
  • File image of a  lady who lost her farm at the height of farm invasions

    File image of a lady who lost her farm at the height of farm invasions

by TZN Correspondent

Masvingo –Following ,a two week ultimatum issued to Yvonne Goddard a 66-year-old widow to leave the farm where she has stayed for 45 years, fear of the worst case scenario is raised as she is only left with less than 24 hrs to vacate the property.

The newly appointed Zanu PF chairman for Masvingo Ezra Chadzamira gave the orders on January 14, with a severe consequences if not complied with.
Chadzamira who is widely believed to be a Mnangagwa henchman was offered Cresta Farm which has a total area of 120 hectares and is 10km from Masvingo  by the Minister of lands Dr Douglas Mombeshora barely two weeks after he took over as the Zanu PF chairman for Masvingo.
Although Chadzamira said  last week that he had no  intention to evict the old lady out of the farmhouse and added that the woman can stay there for as long as she wanted, workers at the farm have claimed victimisation.
However, The Zimbabwenewslive.com can confirm that visibly shaken Goddard was slowly being helped packing her goods in readiness to leave in the worst case scenario.

Her distraught workers, some of who had been on the farm for the past 38 years were not sure what will happen to them next.
Further Goddard  made it clear  that it was a lie that Chadzamira was not interested in the farm house.

“He came here together with his wife and the wife clearly indicated that they were coming to stay in the farmhouse. I am leaving because they wanted to come in as early as possible.
“After reading the article in The Mirror I would like to thank you for highlighting mine and my workers plight but would also like to make the following facts known
“Chadzamira told the media  he had taken over the farm but he was not taking over the farm house.”
A.    At no time was I offered the right to remain in my home. Neither before, after or during the handover of the farm to Honorable Ezra Chadzamira.
B.     Fact No (2) without the assistant DA Mrs. Tongofa negotiating a month’s withdrawal period, I would have had an official 2 weeks to leave my home of 45 years.
C.    A further ‘fact’ during the handover of the farm a lands department officer, Mr. Shoko entered my house to inspect the premises, taking notes of the amenities.
Why was this necessary if I was to be allowed to ‘remain’ in my house?
Chadzamira also told The Mirror that I was moving on my own accord because I did not want to stay with ‘blacks. Why did he have to say this?
I have always lived among ‘black people’ in fact since the death of my husband Graham three years ago I have made many more friends who gave me both friendship and support , and to whom I am most grateful.
Furthermore it must be noted that eight workers are losing homes as a result of this including a 74 year old gentleman who has been with me for 34 years.

Two others have stayed here for 27 and 18 years respectively with the 18-year-old having been born and lived here all his life. I pray that someone finds shelter for them,” said Goddard.


White farmers get reprieve as Zimbabwean gov’t restores their farms?

It was reported earlier this week that the government of Zimbabwe has started issuing leases to the last remaining white commercial farmers.

The farmers to be given the leases are said to be of “strategic economic importance” and they were recommended by communities they operate in.

“We have, in fact, already started issuing leases to white commercial farmers after receiving recommendations that they must remain in their respective properties,” said Dr Mombeshora.

Goddard’s farm had been initially spared acquisition for resettlement purposes at the behest of the provincial leadership. It had been deemed to be of strategic economic importance to Masvingo owing to cattle breeding operations that benefited over 100 villagers from surrounding communities.

Previous attempts by indigenous farmers to take over Crest Ibeka Farm were blocked by war veterans who said Goddard should be allowed to remain on her farm as she was assisting locals to improve the quality of their cattle herd.

Goddard was also into milk production before the recent allocation of her farm to Chadzamira through an offer letter issued by the Ministry of Lands and Rural Resettlement.
War veterans yesterday said they were investigating the allocation of the farm to the Zanu-PF Masvingo provincial chair.

Last year Shuvai Mahofa blocked Mzembi from taking over  Barquest Farm, owned by Mrs Hellen Mitchell, was strategic to the economy of the province.

Zimbabwe’s VP Mnangagwa reveals ‘secret’ support for white farmers?

Emmerson Mnangagwa, the vice-president widely viewed as Robert Mugabe’s likely heir, claims to have protected white farmers from eviction.

Mnangagwa is a close ally of  Chadzamira, has revealed the “secret” that he personally protected scores of white farmers from being driven from their land at the height of the Zanu-PF-sanctioned farm invasions.

Mr Mnangagwa told mourners at a memorial service for 74-year-old Estelle Theresa Coetzee, a prominent white Zimbabwean dairy farmer and philanthropist who died last week, that his close connection with her family saved many of their own livelihoods.

“I have kept this a secret, but let me tell you now: The majority of you are still here because of Neville (Coetzee) and his wife,” he reportedly told the audience of several Zanu-PF cabinet ministers, and hundreds of farmworkers and white farmers, during a ceremony at sports club in Kwekwe, central Zimbabwe.

Zanu-PF disowns illegal settlers . . . No offer letter, no land

Mombeshora this week warned illegal settlers against invading farms in the name of the ruling party as they will be prosecuted and face the wrath of the law.

The warning comes against the background of clashes at Walescot Farm in Chakari owned by Mr Thomas Mamina where illegal settlers who have no offer letters resisted a court-ordered eviction that resulted in the destruction of property and injuries to them.

Minister Mombeshora said Zanu-PF did not have a policy of invading land already allocated and warned people against abusing the name of the party.

“No one should move onto a farm without an offer letter. It is unlawful for people to intimidate farm owners using the name of the party. There is no way one can move onto a farm and later get an offer letter. Invading land is criminal. People should follow the proper channels of acquiring land.

Mr Chadzamira seems to be protected by his allies in the ruling Zanu PF party.

Dr Mombeshora has cleared the air on the controversial allocation of a farm on the outskirts of Masvingo city to  Ezra Chadzamira saying his decision was aboveboard.