Zimbabwe land invasion: British Doctor Nyatsuro victims Phillip and Anita Rankin kicked off property by 20 armed men, Phillip detained in Bindura

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A Zimbabwean farmer and his wife, Phillip and Anita Rankin, have been under siege from thugs who have surrounded their farmhouse at the instigation of a British citizen, Dr Sylvester Nyatsuro (45) from Nottingham, who is attempting to take over the farm and its US$360,000 tobacco crop have been kicked out of their property, according to a citizen report posted on social network Facebook.

The post reads:

“My heart is breaking for a very special family…..Update on Phillip and Anita Rankin, farmers and friends in Centenary, Zimbabwe…..20 armed Police Special Forces arrived at their farmhouse last night, broke through the fence this morning and forced their way into their home. Forcefully removed all their furniture, loaded it onto 3 Police trucks. Trucks left, locked Phillip and Anita out of their home and then ARRESTED Phillip. They have taken him to Bindura and want to keep him locked up until Monday. No word yet on how Phillip is. Please keep Phil and Anita and family in your thoughts and prayers. Let’s get this spread as far and as wide as possible. (This is the same farm which was reported on a few months ago re a British Doctor). May God keep them safe.”-

A week after the farm stand-off began, Rankin’s son reported that his parents were under siege and struggling to get food onto the farm as they were unable to leave.  Rankin also suffers from high blood pressure and heart problems are prevalent in his family.-CITIZEN REPORT