Shock As Thugs Brutally Attack White South African Couple: Jump On Pregnant Mother Killing Unborn Triplets

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A young white couple was brutally attacked by  unknown  black men yesterday en route to Port Elizabeth .

Andrew and Colleen Lingwood were on their way to Port Elizabeth on February 14 2016 when they were attacked .

The thugs assaulted them- jumped on the pregnant Colleen -all while they  flung racist slanders at her.

Their car also was stolen  by the thugs – and some passers-by took them through to hospital. Unfortunately all 3 their precious babies were killed (murdered)  in the attack.A while back Coleen  were in the news when she picked up a wallet with R 10 000-  and gave it back to the rightful owner. Coleen will now be transferred to a hospital in Cape Town for an operation on her stomach. The attack was  motivated out of pure race hatred .

Nobody was arrested -and probably will be-for this vile deed as yet. This is what South Africa is all about- the naked hatred and racism against the minority whites. Yet ironic is  it that the black politicians, media- and liberals are now suddenly eerie silent about this. To them – apparently a “blackface” and unruly UCT black students  are  a much more priority crime and newsworthy-  than the murder of 3 innocent unborn  babies.
SOURCE: George Police


  • yvonne Carter

    F*^%$#ing SICK SICK SICK!!!! a triple murder and attempted murder ..and what is done?? sweet nothing, and why???because the victims are of the wrong race!! We should DEMAND this case to get priority.but of course it won;’t and why? because it is south africa!!!!!!!!!!!!! students smearing their faces black is worthy of more investigation, and time spent on bringing the culprits to book!

    • MustRemoveKebab

      We really should just get the remaining whites out of South Africa. Use the lax migration laws to our advantage and harbor them in sanctuary cities.

  • Charlene Botha

    This is thanks to ANC throwing race card for their inadequacies……..

  • Avner Eliyahu Romm

  • Chimuti

    Some people Just needs castration

  • Dawn Morris

    There is or was, a petition going around social media about just this sort of thing. But as usual, jo one wanted to sign up….stating “Nothing Will get done…” yep.. nothing will get done because not many people have the balls to sign a petition! Yes I, and only 28 others signed. Shame.

  • viccers

    i hope the lady was searched for dna traces left behind by the thugs ?