REX NHONGO DEATH |Columnist threatens to expose Joice Mujuru

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Sunday Mail columnist threatens to expose Joice Mujuru after Rex Nhongo death points to Mugabe.


Sunday Mail columnist Bishop Lazarus has threatened to expose Zimbabwe People First leader Joice Mujuru after she claimed that President Robert Mugabe knows what happened to her husband, the late former army commander General Solomon Mujuru who was killed in a mysterious fire five years ago.

Mujuru told South African television channel  eNCA that  Mugabe knew what  happened to her husband because even his facial expression betrayed him.

Solomon Mujuru aka GENERAL REX NHONGO with Dumiso Dabengwa

Solomon Mujuru aka GENERAL REX NHONGO with Dumiso Dabengwa

“With what has happened to me, the pronouncements that Mugabe has said himself, which were uncalled for, which were unsolicited, have given me a lot of thoughts that he can’t tell me that he was unaware or he is not aware of what happened to my husband because you can even witness his facial expression when he is talking about it. It’s only time. Time will tell,” she said.

Bishop Lazarus said Mujuru should not provoke people whom she knew very well had career-threatening information about her.

“Don’t mistake the silence and don’t be fooled by the little desperate puppies surrounding you. They know nothing about what happened when you were in Government,” the columnist wrote.

He brushed off cries by Joice that her husband had been murdered saying: “Really Joice? Really? Your husband? Solomon Mujuru? Your husband? How come he became your husband only after his death? Aripo Solomon Mujuru, ziso rakatsvuka kuti piriviri, waimboti bufu muromo wekuti my bwaziband zvavawa kuita?”

He continued: “Keep on pressing the suicidal button, but don’t blame anyone when the skeletons in your cupboard are thrown to the public. I can see this coming. The decision on when you would want this to start is yours.

“Being forewarned is being forearmed. Don’t let them fool you kuti ‘mother musatyiswe naBishop’. You know the skeletons I am preaching about Joice. Those dirty ones. With the General busy elsewhere, you also got busy. Greet Sylvester Nguni for me.”-insider

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