EXCLUSIVE VIDEO:Prophet Magaya stung in sting operation as he tries to cover up illicit affair

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Walter Magaya was caught unawares in a recording as he revealed that he had an illicit affair with a named female Petronella Donhodzo.

Prophet Walter Magaya

Prophet Walter Magaya

Magaya bore all truth in a conversation that was recorded without his knowledge at a police station in Harare.

The leader of PHD ministries tried to cover up this illicit affair by bribery but this soon backfired. He was at the police station in the company of his lawyer Mr. Chatambudza and one of his right hand man overseer Mango.

The video below was obtained by this paper and we have a lot more clips that have been made available to us which we will release in due course.

Magaya talks of how those he had paid to cover his dirty works then turned to extort him blackmailing him that they would reveal all.

Magaya says in the video that he paid $10.000 to initially bury this story but those he paid kept coming back for more.

Watch the video below let let us here your comments was Magaya framed or have his deeds caught up with him?

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