Mugabe Exposes Mnangagwa Game Plan In Zanu PF Succession Agenda

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Zanu PF Succession Agenda

Zanu PF Succession Agenda ?

Unpacking The Truth – Zanu PF Succession Agenda

The President and First Secretary of Zanu PF gave a firm and clear directive on following proper discplinary processes. This has now been reaffirmed by the National Secretary for Administration Cde Chombo.

Why has it became necessary for such directives to be issued. Who and what is the motive of the authors of this confusion which has continued unabated and is relentless in its quest for Power. Whose interest is it furthering.

The Multi-Prong Game Plan

1. Create perceptions that they are in control, and not necessarily the President;

2. Force the President’s hand on reshaping the Politburo;

3. Create space for a General to take over as NPC of the Party;

4. Target and weaken all those seen to be strongly behind the President;

5. Use State media (mainly Zbc and Herald) to amplify their propaganda;

6. Achieve all the above by hook or crook, and use all means necessary to succeed (illegal, force, threats, blackmail, and assassination).

1. Effect demonstrations in all Party provinces driven by their Cabal who include the Lacoste members in the various provinces.

2. Deploy resources mostly funded through proceeds from:
a. illegal Gold sells mainly to South Africa by middlemen.
b. security services offer to zcdc.
c. land deals mainly through the National Railways.
d. externalisation of materials mainly to China.
e. Commissions from investors and payments from fuel companies and two local Banks. This is driven by a General and the son of a VP. This includes a network of commission agents working in and with Govt institutions.
f. cash and resources from business persons benefiting from Govt projects and tenders.

3. Dominate Parliament by positioning it’s team members strategically, while challenging those perceived to be standing with the President.

4. Control Judiciary appointments and ensure certain outcomes, including against those opposed to their cause.

5. Deploy senior Army officers to do their bidding in selected provinces. Such as Gen Rugeje in Masvingo province.

6. Effectively use State operatives in furtherance of their ‘Operation Takeover’. Misinformation is now a hallmark. Muduuri Jimaya is currently leading the boycott operation (including Independence Day celebrations).

7. Reinforce the work being done by Cde Dzora at Party HQ, in controlling and subjecting all officials to the fear of the unknown. Coordinates and deciminates key Party information to the Lacoste faction.

8. Deploy military officers to abduct, beat or kill Party opponents. Drivers among these are but not limited to Gen Rugeje, Lt Col Mlambo, and Maj Mugadza.

9. Lacoste has already put in place machinery to deal with those standing in their path to the ill gotten power.

10. Lacoste has an active hand in the current cash shortages and is positioning to drive a nationwide rebellion, in order to force the President to submit to them.

11. They have deposited incriminating falsehoods with offshore lawyers in order to blackmail the President to give them power.
National Players

1. July Moyo
2. Larry Mavhima
3. Daniel Makenzi Ncube
4. Josiah Hungwe
5. Shuvai Mahofa
6. Lovemore Matuke
7. Paul Mangwana
8. Clemence Makwarimba
9. Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri
10. Mushowe
11. Keith Guzha
12. George Charamba
13. Ambassador Moyo (SA)
14. Chris Mutsvangwa
15. Monica Mutsvangwa
16. Gen Rugeje
***Additional names are still pending verification!

SOURCE: Letter to Editor