Mujuru Visits, Sweeps Graves Of 2008 Violence Victims

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Masvingo – In a major statement against political violence, former Vice President and National People`s Party (NPP) president Joice Mujuru visited Gutu District last week, cleaned and swept at several graves of victims of the alleged Zanu PF terror of the 2008 presidential runoff.

Mujuru told villagers that she knew how it felt to lose a relative in political violence because she also lost her husband, General Solomon Mujuru at the hands of alleged Zanu PF assassins in 2011.

General Mujuru was killed in an inferno that broke out at his Beatrice Farmhouse in 2011.

Joice Mujuru particularly consoled widows and children who lost breadwinners “in the madness of June 2008”.

The former Vice President was in Gutu on Thursday where she launched her 2018 National Elections campaign at Maungwa Business Centre, some 70km from Masvingo.

Mujuru said one of the purposes of her visits to the families of the victims was to find out how they are coping after losing breadwinners.

After a chat with the families Mujuru would then be taken to the graves.

She visited the graves of Ruka Chiseva of Ward 35 in Gutu Central, John Njorovongo in Ranga Village under headman Mpata and Lenias Shumirai Ndega of Bhasera Township.

The three were murdered in June 2008.

The humility and empathy of Mujuru touched villagers as no known Zimbabwean leader has come down to the people to the extent of connecting with the victims.

Mujuru also visited the homes of several chiefs and headmen where she engaged traditional leaders on issues that affect them and the people.

She also took to the streets at several business centres and Mpandawana Town to meet vendors.

“I came here to show you my support. We are all victims of this regime. I am a widow after losing my husband the same way you lost yours. I wanted to know how you are coping since your late husbands were bread winners,” said Mujuru.

She said atrocities in Zanu PF were committed by a few specially trained hitsquads and the rest did not know the magnitude of violence.

“Violence and atrocities in Zanu PF are carried out by a few well trained people. The majority of party members would not even be in the know of what would be happening. I am shocked to come face to face with this kind of reality here in Gutu and I know it happened in other areas. Avenging spirits definitely come to those who committed the murders not those who tasked the asassins,” said Mujuru.

NPP national member Jeffryson Chitando told The Mirror that Mujuru was shocked by the level of violence which happened in 2008 when she took her time to visit graves and homesteads of three victims of political violence in Ward 39 of Basera, Ward 22 and Ward 35 of Mushayavanhu area.

He said contrary to various reports Mujuru`s visit to Masvingo was a success as she managed to meet all traditional leaders who were on her party`s itinerary.

A senior NPP member, Jeffrey Chitando described Mujuru’s visit to Gutu as successful.

“The visit was targeted at four groups; the traditional leaders, vendors, business people and victims of political violence. We met all traditional leaders who were on our itinerary and these include Chief Chimombe, Chief Chiwara, Headman Magombedze and several other Chiefs followed Mai Mujuru to her hotel in Masvingo. The traditional leaders warmly received Mai Mujuru and promised to work together with her,” said Chitando.

Mujuru visited vendors and businesspeople at Mpandawana, Bhasera and Chisheche Business Centres.

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