Jonathan Moyo sticks the middle finger up at unethical Fadzayi Mahere

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HIGHER and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo snubbed activist and lawyer Fadzayi Mahere’s live Facebook streaming conversation, which was due to be aired on Thursday, alleging her technical team was unprofessional and dishonest.


In a Twitter release titled “Reasons Why Prof Moyo Pulled out of Mahere Charade,” Moyo published private email exchanges between the two, which contained the reasons for the fallout.

“Sadly, @advocatemahere misrepresents in public the truth. I’m compelled to reproduce my full email exchange with her,” tweeted Moyo on his official page.

Moyo accused Mahere’s team of publishing and circulating promotion material with grossly misleading information to viewers to the extent that he was forced to withdraw his association with Mahere.

“The above promo, which I’m advised is still running, gives the impression that I am the broadcaster of the interview/tough conversation on YouTube. As you may know, my YouTube Channel name is PROFJONATHANMOYO and your promo, perhaps inadvertently, gives the misleading impression that I have availed my YouTube Channel for this purpose. I have not and we did not and could not make such an arrangement,” he wrote in the email.

Moyo said he was also unhappy that the promotional material indicated that the interview would be aired live when, instead, it was going to be pre-recorded.

“You said you would interview me and broadcast the interview/tough conversation, after some editing which you said would be minimal and would largely be on your appearance and not on the content of the interview/tough conversation. But I see misleading information on the promo that the interview will be live,” he wrote.

In trying to mend the rift, Mahere in her response invited Moyo for a cup of coffee and offered to change the promotional material, while issuing a full apology for the fault of her technical team.

“Thank you for your email, the contents of which are all noted. I am keen to do coffee [with you]this evening, if possible, to iron this all out. Let me apologise for the confusion and harm that appears to have arisen by the placement of logos on the fliers sent out. I do understand your concerns. I am happy to correct any confusion on social media through an official statement and make what we agreed to abundantly clear,” she replied.

Mahere later said she could not make it for the coffee meeting because of prior arrangements.

Repeated efforts to get a comment from both Moyo and Mahere on their tiff were fruitless yesterday.-Newdsay

Moyo last year unleashed his anger on  Mahere calling her an ” infantile & unethical cyberlawyer!”.