Grace Mugabe Still In Pain From Soft Tissue Bruising On The Right Ankle After Car Accident

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First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe is on the mend following a freak accident at Harare International Airport on Saturday morning that saw her suffering a minor ankle injury.

Presidential spokesperson Mr George Charamba yesterday said by Sunday morning, Amai Mugabe was “up and about”.

The First Lady got injured on her return from Singapore where she had accompanied the President for his routine medical check-up.

The Head of State and Government receives specialised eye treatment in the Asian country.

The First Couple’s chauffeur set the vehicle in motion before the First Lady had properly settled in.

The unexpected movement of the vehicle saw Amai Mugabe withdrawing her foot from the car, and as she lost her balance, one shoe came off and was run over by a rear wheel.

She suffered some soft tissue bruising on the right ankle.

Mr Charamba said all was well with the First Lady.

“I inquired after the condition of the First Lady from His Excellency (President Mugabe) this morning and happily I was informed that she is doing very well,” he said.

“She is on the mend. In fact, she was up and about on Sunday, although this morning she was feeling a bit of pain.

“We are pleased that her recovery has been quick and we thank God for it.”

Mr Charamba said given the nature of the injury and the fact that it was winter time, the wound take “a bit of time” to heal completely.

“Besides, we don’t want to hurry the process,” he said.

After the incident, the First Lady was immediately taken to a local medical centre where doctors examined and treated the bruise.

The doctors confirmed that she suffered no major injury.

On the motorcycle outrider with the Presidential motorcade who suffered a fractured arm after crashing into an Isuzu pick-up truck along Airport Road while escorting the First Family from Harare International Airport on the same day, Mr Charamba said he was also recovering well.

“I also inquired from the police in respect of the officer who got hurt when the motor bike he was riding on rammed onto an Isuzu vehicle,” he said.

“Again I am happy to inform Zimbabweans that although he is still in pain, his arm is making satisfactory recovery.

“Because of the fall, the ball of his arm had shot out of the socket, but fortunately it has since been repaired and we wish him a speedy recovery.”-zp