Bona Mugabe Chased Out Of Australia

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PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe is blessed to have a child like Bona who was once kicked out of Australia and her behaviour should be exemplary to her two wayward brothers, Robert Junior and Chatunga, says Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association chairperson, Chris Mutsvangwa.


Mutsvangwa said he also played a role in modelling President Robert Mugabe’s daughter Bona to be a respected woman she is today.

Following his daughter’s graduation with a Master’s Degree in Banking and Finance in 2013, Mugabe said Bona was a “reserved, disciplined and studious,” daughter.

Addressing journalists Wednesday, Mutsvangwa said Bona’s life could have been compromised had he not intervened when she was expelled from Australia where she was studying because of “targeted sanctions”.

“When children of the most important people in Zimbabwe were being chased out of school from Western countries, among those children was the child of the President called Bona,” said Mutsvangwa.

“She was kicked out of Australia.”

He added, “I was the Ambassador in Beijing, she was being taught in an English (Australia) environment; they were thinking of taking her to Singapore.”

The War Vet chairperson said he told Mugabe that the Singapore National intelligence was controlled by the Americans.

“I suggested and appealed to the Chinese so that Bona goes to Hong Kong,” said Mutsvangwa.

“Hong Kong speaks English but the National security is being controlled by China. That’s how we managed to secure a place for her and became what she is today.”

“She is the only level headed among the children of the president.”

In 2013, Bona got married to Simba Chikore much to Mugabe’s joy. Two years later, Mugabe raised eyebrows when he took Bona into a business meeeting with the Japanese leader.