Protesters Storm Zimbabwe Embassy in London

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Anger provoked by the abduction of journalist and activist Itai Dzamara has seen protesters storm Zimbabwe Embassy in London, where police has to be called in and the embassy temporarily shut down.

Chanting ‘Bring back Itai’, a handful of protesters led by  Charles D Ndlovu and Deborah Harry  gathered at the Embassy in England’s capital Thursday, where they eventually forced entry into the building at 429 The Strand.


The protest organised by William Chinyanga ordered the Embassy to close.Three police vans and two motor bikes came to the rescue of the Embassy staff as the protesters demanded to talk to the ambassador

Also in attendance amongst the protesters was the Vigil coordinator Fungayi Mabhunu, Eric Eluwasi and Mary Eluwasi from Restoration of Human Rights(ROHR) Reading Branch.

Further protest are said to be planned that would force the Embassy to close down . Activist  Chinyanga said that they would be engaging all European countries to shut down Zimbabwe embassies.

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