‘Please clean your dirt,’ Mugabe tells Zim army chief

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Harare – Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabereportedly told his military chief to clean up his own dirt, while he also scolded the country notorious police for their “evil deeds during roadblocks”.

According to New Zimbabwe.com, it was not immediately clear what the veteran leader was talking about when he told military chief Constanino Chiwenga to “clean up his own house”.

“It (mischief) is also there in your own backyard Chiwenga . Please clean your dirt. It is also there. But what I was mostly talking about is the one which people are complaining more about,” Mugabe was quoted as saying.

The nonagenarian said this while speaking during the funeral of the late former vice president Simon Muzenda, Maud.

Mugabe also reiterated his calls for unity within the security forces.

Mugabe’s remarks came a few weeks after a group of soldiers who were armed with sjamboks, logs, and sticks chased down members of the country’s infamous police along Robert Mugabe Road in Harare.

The soldiers reportedly came from all directions and drove some of the police officers into the Harare central police station.

It was not clear at the time why the soldiers attacked the police, but some witnesses alleged that the soldiers were reiterating against spikes that had been thrown by the police under military vehicles in the capital.-NEWS24