Kasukuwere Dream Affair :From Sleeping With Grace Mugabe to 14 Nights On His Father’s Grave

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Zimbabwe’s Minister of Local Government, Saviour Kasukuwere who is allegedly reported to have spent 14 nights sleeping on his father’s grave in a bid to spiritually cleanse himself of ‘bad luck’ which would expose his corrupt deals, has been accused of having an extra marital affair with First Lady Grace Mugabe.

South African based businessman and owner of AMH, publishers of Newsday, Independent and Standard accused Grace Mugabe and Kasukuwere of sleeping together.

“Since I started adult colouring, I am having amazing dreams. Last night I dreamt @HonKasukuwere was having an affair with Grace Mugabe. I then woke,” he wrote on Twitter.

His tweet incensed the burly Zanu PF political commissar, igniting fierce Twitter exchanges between the influential businessman and Kasukuwere who also threatened to expose Ncube’s own secrets.

“I am not and you have to stop being reckless. You behave badly and if you want I can say more about you on this very platform,” Kasukuwere said, adding, “Anyway hausi chinhu (you are nothing).”

Kasukuwere went on, “I did not know that you’re such an idiot. You need psychiatric help. Trevor, you need to grow up and behave yourself.”

But the Alpha Media Holdings owner rubbed it in, suggesting Kasukuwere’s angry reaction was a sign he was indeed involved in a love relationship with the First Lady.

“Funny @Hon_Kasukuwere got feelings about the dream. The guilty are …” he said.

Ncube added in more tweets, “I am shit-shocked by this nightmare. But @Hon_Kasukuwere response was telling. Back to dreamland again.”

He was not finished with Kasukuwere, but this time with a toned-down message, “I am sad that you think I am an idiot because of my dreams. My adult colouring is to blame. Amazing hobby. Cheers. t.v.n”

It appears there is a long history between Trevor and Grace Mugabe.

Trevor Ncube is one of the Zimbabwean journalists were convicted in 1995 of criminally defaming a judge and a cabinet minister by falsely reporting that they had witnessed a secret wedding between President Robert Mugabe and his former secretary, Grace Marufu.

The magistrate said that  Trevor Ncube, had been reckless in publishing the stories, and its publisher, Elias Rusike, was found guilty as a representative of the company. Makunike, Ncube and Rusike had pleaded not guilty to the criminal defamation charges, brought by a High Court Judge, Paddington Garwe, and the Housing Minister, Enos Chikowore, over reports published in April alleging the two had witnessed the secret Mugabe remarriage.

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