Lund University Confirms Sydney Sekeramayi’s Medical Degree

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  • Confirmation  Leaves Emerson Mnangagwa’s backer Christopher Mutsvangwa with egg on face

By Gift Mawire 

Chris Mutsvangwa

Chris Mutsvangwa

A Swedish Lund University on Thursday confirms that Zimbabwe‘s Defence Minister Sydney Tigere Sekeramayi ‘s medical qualification is indeed genuine, casting doubt over Christopher Mutsvangwa’s claims that the favourite to succeed nonagenarian and veteran leader President Robert Mugabe ‘s academic record was dubious.

The University’s Medical school administrator wrote to this publication via email “I hereby confirm that Sydney Tigere´s medical degree was issued at the Faculty of Medicine, Lund University, Sweden 1973-06-19 ”

While addressing war veterans outside the Harare Magistrates’ Court, where he had attended war veterans secretary-general Victor Matemadanda’s case last week Friday  Chris Mutsvangwa said there were some Cabinet ministers masquerading as medical doctors.

Mutsvangwa openly challenged Defence minister Sydney’s Sekeramai to prove his qualifications as a medical doctor.

“He calls himself a doctor, but he is not. I can challenge him to produce documents that prove he is a doctor. He is a doctor without documents.

I was also a doctor during the war, but I cannot call myself a doctor as he is doing,” he said.

On 27 July 1995 Sekeramayi told Tor Sellström of Nordic Africa Institute he went to Czechoslovakia after being expelled from school in Rhodesia.

“The party— then NDP and later ZAPU—organized scholarships for me and four others to go and study in Czechoslovakia, and when we had a few problems there we left. At that time, Rupiah Banda, who was the International Secretary of the Zambia Students’ Union, facilitated my coming to Sweden. He established a contact between myself and NIB—later SIDA—which resulted in a scholarship to study in Sweden.That is how I came to Lund. But first I had to complete my secondary education, which I did at Grännaskolan. Then I came to the University of Lund, where I first studied genetics before I got into the medical school. Billy Modise, who is now the South African High Commissioner to Canada, was already in Lund, studying sociology. And, of course, Rupiah Banda, the former Zambian Foreign Minister”, he said.


Mutsvangwa may bring further scrutiny to his credibility both as a War veterans leader . In 2014 , while  still serving as a Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, Mutsvangwa in an interview with The Herald said Joice Mujuru‘s war credentials are no more illustrious than those of her fellow comrades while claims she downed a Rhodesian helicopter are a plain and deliberate lie created by the Zanla forces propaganda wing.

“Christopher Mutsvangwa is given to flights of fancy that are inconsistent with the training and discipline that the majority of war veterans exhibit. His behaviorr exhibits a modus vivendi with stupidity, idiocy and lunacy that must never be connected to such luminary and distinguished war veterans as VP Mnangagwa, VP Mphoko, Dr Sekeramayi and General Mutinhiri amongst a host of true revolutionaries. Mutsvangwa anofanirwa kunovhuya mbudzi”, a senoir Zanu PF said.

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