Rhodesians Must Come Back And Rebuild Zimbabwe , Say Mugabe’s War Veterans


Zimbabwe’s former freedom fighters have reportedly called on Rhodesians “scattered across the world” to come back and rebuild the southern African country.

The state's latest seizure of white-owned land leaves white farmers in no doubt about its intentions. (Reuters)

A Zimbabwean farmer addresses a meeting of white commercial farmers in the capital Harare, February 5, 2010. The farmers discussed ways in which they can force the Zimbabwe government to pay compensation for their confiscated farming land and have decided to take their case to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Tribunal Court in March. REUTERS/Philimon Bulawayo (ZIMBABWE – Tags: AGRICULTURE POLITICS) – RTR29V35

According to New Zimbabwe.com, the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) said that the current government led by President Robert Mugabe had failed.

“We want them (Rhodesians) to be part of the next governance in Zimbabwe because this country has been run on a scotched earth policy by the G40. We want it to recover and for us to build a new country,” ZNLWVA’s chairperson Chris Mutsvangwa was quoted as saying.

Mutsvangwa said this while addressing journalists in Harare over the weekend.

G40 (Generatiuon 40) was a faction within the ruling Zanu-PF party made up of Young Turks and reportedly linked to First Lady Grace Mugabe. New Zimbabwe.com said that Mugabe was thought to be the patron.

Mutsvangwa’s remarks came after the war veterans indicated last week that they were planning a “crunch rally” which was set to “consolidate” their position in the Zanu-PF succession conundrum “and provide a clear idea of where the country is going”.

The rally was set for this week in Harare.

The  war veterans, who used to be staunch Mugabe defenders, had in recent years become his most aggressive critics.

Zimbabwe has been reeling under harsh economic conditions following the imposition of sanctions against the southern African country more than a decade ago by the Western countries.-N24

  • rhodie110961

    Why on earth would any farmer want to return, chances are they would rebuild only to have it taken away again. The Zimbabwe governments` coffers are empty, Mugabe and his cronies want to replenish their bank accounts in foreign lands.

  • Maggie Isaac

    No way you broke it you fix it. We are not that dumb to go through hell again voet sack.

  • The Farney Fontenoy

    Its taken them until now?! Yeah right! Its finally hitting these people in the pocket, so they’ll take the white back just long enough to solve their problems, then boot them out again. Nothing doing.