Jonathan Moyo Blasted For Dumping His Mentally Challenged Son Into The Care Of a 93-year-old Mugabe

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Sunday Mail Columnist Bishop Lazarus today hits back at Professor  Jonathan Moyo by suggesting the former G40 strategist is a hypocrite and coward.

The former Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education,  Moyo, reported to be tweeting from Kenya , attacked President Mnangagwa for visiting sick Morgan Tsvangirai saying its unAfrican.

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“This is no PR coup and no history. It’s ambulance-chasing propaganda for the optics of exploiting the poor health of a terminally ill political rival. The propaganda is cynical, crude, desperate and unAfrican. It intrudes into and violates a constitutionally protected right to privacy,” wrote Prof Moyo on Twitter.

Bishop Lazarus responded in harsh terms attacking him for abandoning his own wife and children in a foreign land .

“Prof Moyo is not qualified to preach to us about being “unAfrican”. There is no African man who abandons his wife and kids when in trouble. African men stand for and with their wives and kids in times of trouble. But what did the professor do during Operation Restore Legacy? He dumped his wife, a foreigner for that matter, and his kids at former President Mugabe’s house. Leaving even a mentally challenged son in the care of a 93-year-old man? Hakuna baba vakadaro muAfrica.

Prof Moyo wants to preach to us about being “unAfrican”? Is there any real African man who would dumps his family to save his skin? Iko kusanyara. Your wife is from Kenya iwe womutiza uchimhanya kuKenya. Wakaudza anatezvara kuti chii? What did you tell them? Wakati mwana wavo aripi?

Well, I hope you didn’t lie kunana tezvara that her life was in danger because clearly her life wasn’t in danger. The soldiers you were so scared of are the ones who were looking after your wife and as you know nothing was ever done to her”.