Elizabeth Macheka Refuses To Speak After Being Blocked By Relatives From Seeing Husband Tsvangirai

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Ailing Tsvangirai’s wife, Elizabeth has been barred from visiting him in hospital in South Africa by furious relatives.

Elizabeth Macheka... Tsvangirai's wife goes for golf

Elizabeth Macheka… Tsvangirai’s wife goes for golf

The relatives accuse Elizabeth of trying to use her relationship to influence succession within the MDC.

Morgan Tsvangirai’s relative Hebson Makuvise, refused to comment when contacted by the Daily News saying “Akakutaurirai mubvunzei kuti why arikurambidzwa (Ask your source why Elizabeth is being barred from seeing Tsvangirai)

Elizabeth said: “I will only talk when all this is over when my husband is out of the hospital…Whatever is happening, I have no comment.”

Tsvangirai is in South Africa, where he is receiving treatment for colon cancer.

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