Irate Mugabe Undresses Jonathan Moyo In Cabinet

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by Staff Reporter

Harare-President Robert Mugabe on Monday fired a salvo at his information minister Jonathan Moyo whom he accused of interfering with government businesses which do not have anything to do with his ministry, theZimbabweNewslive can exclusively reveal.moyo-jonathan
Cabinet sources said Mugabe during the Monday cabinet meeting undressed Moyo for close to 40 minutes accusing him of jumping the gun and interfering with Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa’s efforts to reduce the civil service wage bill.
Last week Chinamasa in the company of Moyo and Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba announced the cancellation of civil servants bonuses as the country seeks to achieve demands by the International Monetary Fund’s Smart monitoring programme (SMP).
However an irate Mugabe revealed the highest level of confusion within his government when he declared that civil servants will be paid their bonuses, barely a week after Chinamasa announced the suspension of the 13th cheque.
Mugabe said what Chinamasa did (announcing bonus suspension) was so “disgusting” as it was never brought to him, the Cabinet or to any of his Vice-Presidents for approval.
“I want to make it clear that the report which was in the newspapers that bonuses were being withdrawn is not government policy,” said Mugabe.
“The Cabinet did not approve that at all and the Presidency never was consulted on the matter. We were never consulted the three of us, that is myself and the two Vice-Presidents and we say that is disgusting to us and it will never be implemented at all.”
He said contrary to Chinamasa, civil servants would be paid their bonuses.
On Monday Mugabe attacked Moyo saying he was creating confusion within government.
“The president was angry with Moyo to such an extent that he shouted for close to 40 minutes,” said a cabinet source.
“The president wanted to know why the press conference to announce the suspension of bonuses was held at Moyo’s ministry instead of Chinamasa’s offices.”
The source also said Mugabe demanded reasons why Moyo was “everywhere” and speaking for all ministries.
“There has been bad blood of late and Moyo may find himself being moved from information to another ministry because Mugabe now sees him as a problem,” said the source.

This is not the first time that Mugabe has attacked his information minister.In April last year Mugabe attacked Moyo saying he is divisive and attempting to destroy the party from within.Mugabe told mourners at the funeral wake of the late Information Minister Nathan Shamuyarira that Moyo is a counter-revolutionary, who has hired journalists that were fierce critics of Zanu PF.

He branded his information minister a “devil incarnate”, accusing him of appointing editors of state-owned newspapers who were sympathetic to the opposition.
According to the state-controlled Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), Mugabe further said Zanu-PF is a “party of simple people who do not need intellectuals to cheat them.”