Deputy Prosecutor General Found Guilty Of Corruption Is Fired,But Strangely Reassigned To President’s Office

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Florence Ziyambi has been fired from her post as Deputy Prosecutor-General on allegations of corruption and maladministration at the National Prosecuting Authority.

She has been reassigned to the Office of the President and Cabinet with no specified duties. Ziyambi was notified of the changes in her employment contract in a letter written by Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Misheck Sibanda dated March 15. Sibanda said the decision was reached following findings of the Moses Chinhengo tribunal that recommended dismissal of Johannes Tomana as Prosecutor-General last year. The letter reads:

Following finalisation of the investigations, the tribunal, among other recommended that there be leadership renewal in the NPA taking into account the level of deterioration of the institution, largely caused by corruption and maladministration. In this regard and order to instil public trust and confidence in the NPA, you are hereby transferred to the Office of the President and cabinet with immediate effect, until you are reassigned to another position.


NewsDay could not reach Sibanda for a comment on Ziyambi’s future.

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