UK Based Woman Charged With Murder For Shooting Husband Challenges Placement On Remand

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Bridget Makaza (34) who is accused of shooting her husband in cold blood yesterday challenged her placement on remand arguing that there is evidence that she did not commit the crime. 

Makaza allegedly shot her husband, businessman Marc Cloud Mapanga three times in cold blood after learning that he had taken a second wife.

  • United Kingdom Based Woman Charged With Murder of Harare Businessman

The shooting happened on Monday night. After the shooting, Makaza allegedly tried to conceal her crime by screaming, claiming that armed robbers had shot her husband.

She allegedly took advantage of the commotion she had caused to leave the crime scene. She drove to Bishop Gaul road where she tried to throw the gun into the Mukuvisi River, though it landed in some reeds. She was arrested after the police questioned people at the house.

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