Mnangagwa Plants Zanupf Billboard Inside Harare Police Station

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Zanupf campaign poster right inside Malbereign Police Station

Zanupf campaign poster right inside Malbereign Police Station


Curious and puzzled Zimbabweans have been baffled by the presence of a Zanupf campaign billboard located within a police station.


They have questioned the rationale behind locating a campaign graphic within a police station which is supposed to serve citizens from across the political divide.

One, a veteran Harare lawyer quizzed whether members of opposition political parties would feel comfortable coming to make a report against Zanupf members at the station.

Others with a quirky sense of humour quipped that the billboard may have been located there to prevent vandalism.

Be that as it may the presence of the billboard at Malbereign Police station may be construed as a sign of partisanship by a force which is supposed to be neutral from politics.

However as things have proved in the past, the ZRP has been known to be nothing other than a Zanupf militia.-Online