ZEC Chief Chigumba Caught in Sexual Relationship With Married Zanu PF Minister

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Zimbabwe Electoral Commission chairperson Priscilla Chigumba is enjoying an intense a sexual relationship with a married Zanu PF Minister Winston Chitando, it has been revealed.

Mines and Mining Development Minister Winston Chitando is a relative and business partner of current Zimbabwe president Emmerson Mnangagwa and has admitted the relationship to former Sunday Mail editor Edmund Kudzayi who published finer details of the affair on the microblogging site Twitter on Friday morning after a week-long wait.

Chigumba who fell pregnant while doing her A-level studies at St Ignatius College had an intimate relationship with Chitando following her divorce from McChristopher Chigumba 10 years ago.

Kudzayi called for Chigumba to resign from her post arguing the affair seriously compromises her credibility to run the independent electoral body.

“So,ZEC chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba has a sexual relationship with Zanu PF cabinet minister Winston Chitando. This presents a clear conflict of interest: if Zanu PF loses the election her lover will lose his job. She must do the right thing and resign. Ndatenda” wrote Kudzayi.

“I don’t intend to humiliate Chigumba or to invade her privacy tabloid style. All I seek is to expose a clear conflict of interest that likely explains Chigumba’s arrogance against overwhelming evidence of ZEC’s mismanagement of the election. She is conflicted & must resign,” he added.


Although Chigumba has expressly denied having an affair with one of Zimbabwe’s 23 presidential candidates, she has not answered to questions relating to Chitando.

Justice Chigumba was born in 1971 and attended Goromonzi High School before proceeding to St Ignatius High School for Advanced Level.

She studied at the University of London in 1991 and graduated with a Bachelor of Laws Degree (LLB) in 1994.

Justice Chigumba started her legal career as a professional assistant at Gollop and Blank Legal Practitioners from 1994 to 2000.

In 2000, she moved to PG Industries where she worked as an assistant company secretary.

She was responsible for company litigation matters and handling other legal cases.

In the same year, she set up her own law firm Messrs Chigumba and Associates Legal Practitioners.

Between 2001 and 2003, she was the administrator of the Zimbabwe Regional Disaster Alleviation Trust in the aftermath of Cyclone Eline.

In 2004, she was appointed a magistrate and worked in Harare at Rotten Row Court and rose through the ranks to become a resident magistrate at Magistrates Civil Court in 2007.

During her tenure at the civil courts, Justice Chigumba participated in the crafting of the Domestic Violence Act.

In September 2010, she was transferred to Chitungiza Magistrate’s Court where she was stationed until March 2011.

In May 2011, Justice Chigumba was seconded to the office of the Chief Justice where she worked as a Research Assistant.

She has been a judge of the High Court since her appointment in December 2012.

“She has an unresolved case which was brought to Judicial Services Commission for soliciting for $20 000 bribe from a litigant. It is inconceivable & not morally acceptable to appoint an individual who has not been exonerated or cleared through a judicial enquiry. This reinforces that the illegitimate military junta does not recognise the importance of appointing people whose credibility is beyond reproach. The authenticity & validity of electoral outcomes is largely dependent on the credibility on the supervisory body ZEC, it’s beggars belief that such a glaring discrepancy is overlooked by ED for the love of concubines” , wrote Tawanda Muchanyuka , a UK based MDC Activist.