Fame And Shame In One Day As Ndinyengeiwo Girl’s Bathroom Video And Pics LEAK!

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It truly has been a day of mixed fortunes for one social media user, Lorraine Guyo whose, “Ndinyengeiwo” video, went viral today. In the Ndinyengeiwo video, she pleads with Zimbabwean men to ask her out as she is single and currently has no one to be with during Valentines Day.

It was not clear whether she shot the video in jest or in earnest, however within hours, other social media users had figured her real name, her workplace and phone number …

Pictures with flamboyant businessman Genius Kadungure started circulating and later on pictures with Enzo Ishall, Jah Prayzah and MDC alliance Leader Chamisa also emerged…….and then came the bad news in the evening, a video in her birthday suit emerged and like its predecessor started spreading virally on social media. Reports are that, as is almost always the case, a jilted ex leaked the video.

Below is a screen-grab from the video, however due to Editorial Policy, we are not allowed to post the video.

Social Media truly is a double edged sword, but no such thing as bad publicity right?

Ndinyengeiwo girl
Ndinyengeiwo girl

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