3 Crazy “Miracles” By Prophet Bushiri You May Not Have Seen!

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Popular Malawian Prophet Shepherd Bushiri who was arrested today after being charged with fraud and money laundering is no stranger to controversy.

Major One, as he is affectionately know by his followers, certainly has a flair for the dramatic.

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Remember that awkward time he released a video which showed him walking on air while coming down the stairs of his home in South Africa?

Bushiri was filmed walking down the stairs with both arms outstretched and looking like he was floating on air.

Check out the video below

Or that other time angels of the Lord made cameo appearances in his church.

Bushiri told congregants during a sermon to ‘see’ Angels appearing in church.

Congregants where whipped into a frenzy as they appeared to be seeing bright Angels in form of white ‘lights’ flying  all over the church.

Check out the video below

How about when he prayed for the holy ghost  fire to descend in church and burn evil charms.

The charismatic prophet who commands a huge following was recently cleared of any wrong doing after congregants died during a stampede in his church.