Rapist dad Jailed 64 years for assaulting thirteen-year-old daughter

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by Walter Mswazie

A GUTU man will spend the next 64 years in jail for raping his 13-year-old daughter on numerous occasions, sometimes in his wife’s presence.Private_Law,courts

A court heard how the man, 35, of Gwama Village under Chief Mataruse, would force his biological daughter into sex.

During one incident, he waylaid his victim in her bedroom while she was taking off her school uniform and on another, he pounced on her when her mother was outside in the garden.

The man, the court heard, would on other occasions sneak back home from funeral wakes leaving his wife behind, only to be caught sweating it out on top on his daughter.

He pleaded not guilty to raping his daughter when he appeared before Masvingo senior regional magistrate Judith Zuyu last Thursday.

The magistrate, however, convicted him due to overwhelming evidence.

Magistrate Zuyu said he deserved the harshest sentence the court could mete out.

“Your cruelty and perversion leaves the court with no option but to give you one of the harshest sentences.You betrayed the trust that your daughter had in you by taking your own offspring for a wife. You don’t deserve to be part of this normal and God-fearing society. You must go to jail so that you can come back a reformed man with a conscience and respect,” said Zuyu.

She said by raping his daughter in full view of her mother, he exhibited socially awkward behaviour which could only be corrected by prison life.

“The court wonders what kind of sexual starvation makes you get attracted to your own daughter in the presence of your wife. Cases of this nature are on the increase and culprits shouldn’t be treated with kids’ gloves. Prison life remains the only option to whip your character into line,” Zuyu said.

Prosecuting, Mukai Mutambe said sometime in December, 2014 on an unknown date, the girl’s mother left her homestead to visit her parents in Mukaro area.

“During the night while the girl was sleeping in her bedroom hut, her father took advantage of his wife’s absence and sneaked into the girl’s blankets. He forcibly removed her panties, wore a condom before raping her once while threatening her with unspecified action if she screamed,” said Mutambe.

The court heard that he would on several occasions rape his victim and the girl would not report the matter out of fear.

“At one time, he left a funeral wake in the village to go home where upon arrival he raped the girl. His mischief came to light when he attempted to rape the girl in the presence of her mother. On another occasion and on a different day, he waylaid his victim in her room and raped her once,” she said.