Promiscuous Chidyausiku in secret marriage or co-habiting?

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By Staff Reporter

HARARE-Zimbabwe ‘s promiscuous Chief Justice, Godfrey Chidyausiku, whose wife Sheila died in 2009, might have married secretly if he is not co-habiting with one of his several concubines.

Chief Justice Chidyausiku

Chief Justice Chidyausiku

Sources in the judiciary this week pointed out that the 68-year old senior judge—who landed the post of Chief Justice more by virtue of being President Mugabe’s relative than out of experience and seniority—could have secretly upgraded one of his many small houses to official wife unless he is co-habiting with someone.

Zimbabwe will later this month host this year’s Southern Africa Chief Justices’ Forum Conference, a three-day event, in Victoria Falls and running alongside the official programme is a Spouses’ Programme that will be hosted by a woman simply addressed as “Mrs Chidyausiku”.  Mrs Chidyausiku’s side programme includes a tea session and visits to charities and some recreational places.

“As far as we are concerned, the CJ is officially a widower, and if there is another woman in his life, she is certainly not recognised at official level. Whoever she is, mukadzi wemapoto (she is a concubine)” a source told this week.

At the time of Chidyausiku’s unilateral appointment to Chief Justice by Mugabe in 2001, a group of more than 200 black Zimbabwean lawyers tried to petition the Judicial Services Commission against his appointment on the basis on his promiscuity. In a five-page petition the lawyers interrogated Chidyausiku’s suitability to act at a moral pillar citing his widely known bed-hoping tendencies.

“Mr Chidyausiku is civilly married to his proper legal wife but openly operates more than one household and has more than one wife. It is necessary that your commission (JSC) consider whether or not the country requires a Chief Justice who is in relationships that are questionable and well outside the law under which he is married.

“It is our strong view that a Chief Justice should be seen not only as totally impartial, but also should be of the highest integrity both in and out of court,” said the lawyers, who also included several fellow judges.

His ability to act as a moral pillar was also made doubtful with his famous “moment of weakness” statement being brought up. During his tenure as chairman of the government sponsored 1999-2000 Constitutional Commission, Chidyausiku made this hilarious statement while lamely defending his giving a lady commissioner, Gloria Mukombachoto, undeserved funds. Then there were also allegations that he made sexual advances towards another female commissioner, the late Lupi Mushayakarara, while on an overseas trip to sell the commission’s agenda.

Chidyausiku is well known for frequenting the Avenues area during the night picking up prostitutes. A source who spoke to theZimbabwenewslive said , his fortunes changed when rumours started going round that he is possibly HIV positive and does not want to wear protection. “He has a very huge manhood but still those who recognise him and his car runs away”, the source said.