Mugabe castration suggestions to deter rapists

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by TZN Correspondent

Almost a year after Grace Mugabe said rapists must be beheaded ,President Mugabe yesterday pulled a shocker  even suggesting Sharia Law warning men who sexually abuse women to ‘take care’ because he is considering castration as a punishment for offenders.

Mugabe Castration suggestion , a shocker

Mugabe Castration suggestions , shocker

He said this while officiating at a luncheon hosted by the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing on the occasion of the official opening of the Third Session of the Eighth Parliament.

Speaking about an increase in the prevalence of cases of sexual abuse of women, President Mugabe said Government was seriously considering castration dubbed Mugabe castration as a punishment for men who perpetrate the crime.

“What sort of men have we become, raping our babies in some cases your own? What has entered this house of freedom, the Zimbabwe house of freedom? We are saying to our own people, we in Government, let’s teach our men how to behave and have good character.

“We have said to the police arrest them, but it seems not to be working so what shall we do to them? They don’t heed the chiefs, the Government or the police. They have remained defiant so what shall we do to them? In Sharia law they say if you steal, the hand must go. So if you rape what must go?” he said to laughter from the parliamentarians and officials who attended the luncheon.

“You might take it (castration) as a laughing matter because we are considering it seriously. Don’t say VaMugabe is becoming cruel because we want to protect our women. So men, take care,” President Mugabe said.

In 2014 Mugabe ‘s wife Grace was reported saying  that rapists who “abuse young girls” should be punished with decapitation which would also serve as a deterrent to these people who “have no place in normal society”.

Mugabe , according to some media reports , Mugabe said  when you are troubled, go and look for prostitutes?” Grace Mugabe reportedly said at a World Blood Donor Day event in Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe last year .

There has been speculation that President Mugabe himself was castrated by Ian Douglas Smith regime while in detention but instead he underwent a major operation on his genitals which resulted in part of his penis being CHOPPED OFF( Mugabe Castration ), according to a news report by ZimDaily.

A Zimbabwean man arrested after he is overheard suggesting  Robert Mugabe castration, the dailymail reported.

The luncheon is a traditional event held after the opening of a parliamentary session and was attended by ministers, deputy ministers, senior Government officials, legislators and diplomats.