Book Exposes Phillip Chiyangwa’s Rhodesian Past

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by TZN Correspondent Although  Zanu PF member and ZIFA presidential hopeful Phillip Chiyangwa  says his father Divaris Makaharis was a restrictee who spent time in detention at Whawha Prison and Gonakudzingwa Restriction Camp, a book available on e-bay  list him as a former British South Africa Police regular operative , some who have been operatives  on ground coverage duties infiltrating liberation war fighters at pungwes, can reveal.chiyangwa This book published in 2011, The Rhodesia General Service Medal Roll to the British South Africa Police (Regulars) authored by  C S Keith  is cited as  the product of three years’ research and contains the names of 13,845 members of the British South Africa Police , who are known to be recipients of the Rhodesia General Service Medal awarded for service between 1966 and 1980.


The Roll has been compiled from original copies of BSAP Force Orders that included supplements detailing the promulgation of the award of the Rhodesia General Service Medal.


This Medal was not gazetted, and therefore these Force Orders are possibly the only definitive provenance of the award. In addition to the Medal Roll, analysis and discussion takes place, detailing known issues and idiosyncrasies surrounding the award of this Medal to the British South Africa Police (Regulars).


At his Monday  press conference war veterans’ leader Victor Matemadanda, Matemadanda called on President Robert Mugabe to establish a commission of enquiry to flush out senior Zanu PF officials with Rhodesian connections holding onto land in and around the country’s urban centres on behalf of  “ex-Rhodies”.

He claimed that most of the officials “previously worked for Rhodesian security services either as soldiers or as police officers” and were “fleecing poor Zimbabweans”.

Chiyangwa declined to comment whether he served in BSAP or not.