Zimbabwe Facebook Cooking Group Changes How Individuals Socialise During Lockdown

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If there’s one thing Facebook has contributed to the lives of thousands of Zimbabweans worldwide during this Coronavirus pandemic, it’s the ability to find new recipes and learn new cooking techniques for everybody.

Farai Moyo… Top Contributor

While there are plenty of food groups to choose from, the latest, fastest-growing one and a great stress buster “Cooking with Zim Celebrity Chef”, the brainchild of Award-winning Chef Gineas Mupfayi and his friends has taken social media by storm becoming a hub of sheer food lovers.

The group is only two months old having started in February but now has more than 25,000 crazily active members who scribble down their food experiences setting a platform for true for lovers of the culinary arts, who make cooking a major part of their life.

The group has earned great credibility as it brings together ordinary Facebook users and professional from the food industry where people could share recipes, read and give reviews, participate in discussions on meals, and much more about food allowing dedicated members to enjoy adventures with everything related to food and living healthy

Here are the group’s top contributors so far:

If you are a food freak , you would make your friends join too .Join Here

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