Zimbabwe Football President Felton Kamambo Arrested

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Felton Kamambo

ZIFA president Felton Kamambo has been arrested.

Posting on Facebook, Zimbabwean journalist, Hope Chizuzu said:

ZIFA front Felton Kamambo is in police custody at Harare Central, where he is facing 32 counts of election bribes, pertaining to the December 16, 2018 plebiscite, The Page can reveal.

Police have confirmed that they’re questioning Kamambo over the matter and he has since requested the presence of his lawyer.

But the Zifa front, who has been captured since day one by de facto President Phelimon Machana, has told police that he made payments to the councillors because he was refunding them money they had used coming for Congress. Really?

What bull and cock is that. It wasn’t his duty to refund the likes of Andrew Tapela. The members of Congress on Zifa business are the business of the FA, not individuals like Kamambo.

More details will be following……..

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