Zimbabwe MP complains that some legislators are using the national flag as underwear

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Buhera Central Member of Parliament Ronald Muderedzwa said some legislators were so ignorant of the country’s history and the significance of the national flag that one day he saw some legislators putting on the national flag as an undergarment.protests-at-cricket-match-in-zimbabwe

This incensed Zengeza West MP, Simon Chidhakwa to prove it.This-flag

Muderedzwa said it was embarrassing that some legislators could not even sing the national anthem.

“Some of them do not respect the national flag.  One day in this Hon. House, I saw Hon. Members of Parliament putting on the national flag as an undergarment and it is an embarrassment Madam Speaker,” he said

“It shows that some of the Hon. Members do not understand what the national flag is all about and what it is that the national anthem is all about.  This is why our nation sometimes is moving in retrogression.”

Chidhakwa objected: “On a point of order Madam Speaker.  The Hon. Member is using unparliamentary language.  Can we inspect the Hon. Members to see if they are putting undergarments which are made of the national flag to prove his point?  Maybe, it is him who is putting on an undergarment which is made of the national flag.”

Muderedzwa was debating the motion calling for a basic orientation course on the country’s history to be taught to legislators as well as in schools which was introduced by another Buhera legislator Oliver Mandipaka.

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