Zimbabwean teen leads anti-Mugabe campaign in UK

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A NINTEEN year old Zimbabwean human rights activist, Emmaculate Tshuma who was recently released from a UK immigration detention centre after being locked up for almost 10 weeks has been spotted taking part in anti-Mugabe campaigns again in that country.

Tshuma, a fierce Mugabe critic, has been seen in photos campaigning with the one and only Peter Tatchell, the brave man who once attempted citizen’s arrest of President Robert Mugabe back in October 1999 in London.

President Mugabe recently proclaimed that Zimbabweans opposed to his rule must leave the country and go elsewhere.

Mugabe was referring to Pastor Evan Mawarire, the founder of #ThisFlag movement.

Mawarire, who escaped treason charges in Zimbabwe following a court appearance for inciting violence and attempting to subverting a legitimate government, is currently exiled in South Africa and says he will not return home any time soon for fear of being “dealt with” by Mugabe’s feared security details.

Pro-democracy Zimbabweans based in UK are also campaigning for the young activist to be granted asylum in that country because they believe she will be victimised if she goes home.

The UK Home Office is denying her asylum despite her activism work including protests outside the Zimbabwean Embassy in London.

The teen protestor (Tshuma) has campaigned and protested against the Zimbabwean government in solidarity with #ThisFlag, question is will her return home be welcomed by the regime?

Tshuma was part of a group of activists who besieged Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa in London last Month, watch video below.


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