Zimbabwean Woman Sought Refugee In Court After Husband’s Manhood Enlargement Backfires

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Zimbabwean judges in long red robes and horsehair wigs, a throwback to an era of British Colonial rule, at the official beginning of their 2017 duties, in Harare, Monday Jan. 16, 2017. President Robert Mugabe has sparred with Britain for decades and denounces the West for what he calls a neo-colonial attitude, but he has a soft spot for a traditional etiquette and a dress code in the courts that even Britain has partly dropped. (AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi)

A manhood enlargement procedure has allegedly turned a Lupane woman’s marriage into a nightmare as the husband has become abusive following complications. 

The woman has since sprinted to the court to ask the law to protect her from her abusive husband.

The court heard that Mluleki Nkiwane (45) who is from Lushaba Village had a small bedroom gun and was not satisfied with it. 

As a result he sought the services of a traditional healer for enlargement of his manhood but it seems to have backfired. 

This was revealed by his wife Nobuhle (40) who said since her husband did manhood enlargement her bedroom life has been a horror affair. In a no-holds-barred disclosure Nobuhle said her husband’s bedroom gun was just long for nothing! 

 She revealed this at Lupane Civil Court before magistrate Ndumo Masuku. She further said her husband sexually, emotionally and physically abuses her.

“Since last year I have been sexually starved and emotionally tormented by my abusive husband. Therefore I’m applying for a peace order against him. He also insults me whenever he feels like and is in the habit of beating me up. The problem started last year after he went for a manhood enlargement,” she said.

She added: “His manhood is long for nothing because it gets flaccid quickly before we finish the act and he is in the habit of scolding me when I tell him that he fails to sexually satisfy me. Whenever he is from a beer drink he accuses me of being a woman of loose morals and after that he would hit me.”

Mluleki took to the stand: “It’s true that I went for manhood enlargement and it’s a lie that it gets flaccid quickly. She is the one who causes me a lot of stress. She usually comes home late and when I question her over that she gets emotional. Your Worship, in that state, how can I best perform in bed?”

The magistrate ordered Mluleki not to emotionally, sexually and physically abuse his wife. He also ordered the couple to go for counselling.-b-metro

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